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The wrestler traps one of the opponent's ankles between their thighs as seen primarily before applying an STF.

The wrestler next turns degrees and leans back, compressing the spine. Naked women guns. The opponent begins supine, lying with their back on the bottom or second rope and facing into the ring.

This variant has been used by Alberto Del RioA. Wwe emma naked. Maybe one day we'll get the matchup of Cass and Carmella against Enzo and Liv. Maryse Mizanin Maryse years. The wrestler sits on either side of an opponent who is lying either prone or supine on the mat, with the wrestler's legs scissoring one of the opponent's arms. WWE wrestler Carmella uses an inverted variant of this hold as her finisher where she uses her shin to choke the opponent instead, making it resemble a gogoplata.

Both wrestlers are from New Jersey giving them a common interest that likely helped bring them together. Sarah is a close friend of wrestler Scarlett Bordeaux with the two working together at a high end Chicago night club. Sometimes preceded by an arm wrenchthe wrestler grasps the opponent's hand and twists backwards, placing pressure on the wrist. Nude arab hot. The wrestler forces the opponent to the ground and opens up the legs of the opponent, stepping in with both legs.

The wrestler approaches the opponent and reaches under the opponent's shoulders, then threads their arms up and around the opponent's torso, with their hands meeting in the middle of the opponent's back or neck essentially an inverted full nelson holdand tucking the opponents head in their armpit. The wrestler then uses his free arm to pull the opponent's arm the same arm to which the wrestler is applying the half nelson across the face of the opponent.

The executor then stands next to the ring apron, on the outside of the turnbuckle or ropes and applies the figure four leglock with the ringpost between the opponent's legs. While in the vise, the wrestler can control their opponent by squeezing the temples and bring them down to a seated position where more pressure can be exerted.

Continue reading Alison Brie Topless. This move was popularized by CM Punk. Finn Balor is arguably the most successful wrestler when it comes to keeping his private life private. Chris Jericho uses this move in a high angle version, calling it the "Walls of Jericho". The wrestler then places their left arm over and around the opponent's arm while grasping their own wrist.

Triple H popularized this move. Also popularly known as a "Texas cloverleaf", the wrestler stands at the feet of his supine opponent, grabs the opponent's legs and lifts them up.

Balor and Kelley posted Instagram posts at the same location to create the rumors. Invented by Chris Herothis variation of the cloverleaf sees the wrestler hook the legs like a cloverleaf but weaves his hands through to clasp his other hand and also hooks the ankle sticking out with his leg left or right into his kneepit.

Who invented the Texas Cloverleaf? This version of a surfboard sees a standing or kneeling wrestler take hold of both of a kneeling or seated opponent's wrists and cross their arms over, applying pressure to both the opponent's arms and shoulders. Another short romance featured her dating Alberto Del Rio before it ended and he moved into a relationship with Paige. Transexual escorts atlanta. There are also variations of the anaconda vise that are combined with a straight jacket choke and a cobra clutch.

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Check out Sasha Banks from a whole different angle in this amazing gallery of rare photos. Lesbian german tube. Sexy Jordyn Jones pics from Instagram June In this variation of the triangle chokethe wrestler sits behind a seated opponent. Wrestling fans tend to know which performers are dating each other or which are dating outside of the industry.

Various strikes to the opponent's head are often performed from this position. Also known as the " iron claw ", the claw involves the attacker gripping the top of the head of the opponent with one hand and squeezing the tips of their fingers into the opponent's skull, thereby applying five different points of pressure.

The wrestler then grabs hold of the wrist of that arm and pulls it upwards, causing hyper extension of the shoulder and elbow.

The wrestler then turns degrees over the leg twisting it inward. The wrestler takes hold of a supine opponent's legs and pivots rapidly, elevating the opponent and swinging the opponent in a circle. Wwe emma naked. The wrestler places one of their legs under the chin of the opponent and pushes up.

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It is a neutral move, but it easily transitions for either wrestler to a position of dominance. Archived from the original on Natalie Neidhart Natalya years. Invented by The Great Muta[9] [10] this move has been adapted and performed by various wrestlers such as Melina Perez California Dream and Emma Emma Lock as finishing moves, signature moves, and setups to finishers.

He is situated perpendicular to and behind the opponent. Big tits bbw pornhub. That brown bikini looks fucking incredible on her. The opponent is on their back with the attacker sitting besides him and grabbing the nearest arm. This is a transition hold for moves such as a two-handed chokeslam and a chokebomb. The collar-and-elbow tie-up is one of the mainstays of professional wrestling, and many matches are begun with this move.

Some holds are meant neither to pin an opponent, nor weaken him nor force him to submit, but are intended to set up the opponent for another attack. It is used by many Wrestlers in the beginning of the match.

Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The wrestler then grabs hold of the opponent's wrists and crosses their arms under their chin. Another form of wrist lock sometimes known as a figure four wristlock involves the wrestler after applying the initial wrist lock with the left hand threading their right arm through the gap the two arms provide, forming a 4and providing leverage on the wristlock.

One wrestler who does use the move as a submission is Matt Hardy ; his "Ice Pick" maneuver sees him lock the double underhook on an opponent while simultaneously trapping the opponent in a bodyscissors lock. Lady gaga lesbian sex tape. The wrestler grabs hold of one of his opponent's arms, wraps his legs around the opponent's throat and arm in a figure four and squeezes.

The move is performed in several ways, usually involving the wrestler trapping one of the opponent's arms. The wrestler sits on the back of an opponent who is lying face down on the mat.

The wrestler then extends a thumb and thrusts it into the windpipe or carotid artery of the opponent, cutting off their air or blood supply. Professional wrestling holds include a number of set moves and pins used by performers to immobilize their opponents or lead to a submission.

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Nude young asian pics The wrestler takes hold of the opponent's arm and twists it, putting pressure on the shoulder and elbow. She may not fly jets or ride limousines, but Charlotte Flair still styles and profiles in her own way.
Beautiful thick lesbians One of the opponent's arms is pulled back between his legs and held, while the other arm is hooked, then the wrestler lifts the opponent up over his shoulder.
Girl fucked by boar That brown bikini looks fucking incredible on her. This move is often used on an opponent trapped within the ring ropes, but this makes the move illegal under most match rules.
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