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Maybe she just wants you all to leave her alone.

Manipulative game player who spreads lies about everyone else to disguise the fact that he is the lying sick psychopath cu nt who needs locking up. Need some help with your numbers Jo? Carlsberg don't do blogs Maybe its posted on wrong page. Leprechaun nude scene. The girls that feel the need to validate the fact they know him by posting everywhere JO are really just desperate to grab attention.

Though in their defence about the horse vid, the tweet after that one says they decided best not to watch the vid. Ian watkins nude. Ta for the memories! This man is vile. Posted by jo 2 yrs ago Stop slagging kt off. It merely accelerated it. LOL at those who think that acting in an adult movie means its true! Maybe fed up of people saying she was lying.

That should take away the attention from that media savvy Jo Mjadbollocks. The moment the news of the 2nd allegations broke it went viral and was impossible to miss. These girls, scattered around the country, posted messages and explicit photos, allegedly from McElfresh, to their Tumblr accounts, having grown uncomfortable with the contact.

The people who brought accusations against Michael Jackson were only interested in how much money they could get for their stories. Jean seberg nude pics. From Trixey formerly Jasper. He likes the stripper look i dont think fearne and alexa dress like strippers and they didnt when they were with him. The year-old sicko fucko pervert was sentenced on December […]. She is a lawyer. But you responded with an insane jealous unprovoked venomous rant at her.

Makes me so angry. Ashley was spotted out at the cardiff gig. Anonymous 10 April at And for the love of all that is holy, I hope these children end up somewhere where they can forget all about the sheer terror and mentally disastrous abuse these twisted, soulless creatures put them through.

Half these comments are Jo posting about herself!! Posted by lol 2 yrs ago jo still voting for herself again on top romances what a loser.

What I can say is that civil cases in the UK tend to be for settling things like neighbours disputesrecovery of debtsand compensation claims, or generally where there is no crime as such. Posted by me 3 yrs ago More than likely that most of the bitter girls on here have never even met him! What kind of horrible, awful, evil person does this?

Jo got the guy who filmed that interview arrested the next dayt anyway by her police mates. It has also, in many cases, eradicated the barriers that once existed between celebrities and, well, us common folks.

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He 'seduced fan aged 15' before she offered him her baby to abuse.

Why should that matter?

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Even his parents have made no attempt to deny his guilt; instead, they have only expressed their shock and their hope that, at some future point, his image can be rehabilitated somewhat. Both think their drug habits and s e x ual exploits makes them cool. Mistress lesbian sex. HELLO she even was posting about herself on here as awesomeandcool before she made the stupid schoolboy error of posting as herself with it.

Posted by picture 2 yrs ago 3 p enis es what a pic that would make on isanyoneup that would be unusual. But there is a downside. Ian watkins nude. Articles on this Page showing articles 21 to 27 of Video Of Live Debut.

I asked them how old they were. In one exchange, WalesOnline reported, he wanted to impregnate a woman so he could molest the newborn.

Posted by he was with Jo before V 3 yrs ago Last weekend. And stop slating people who, deep down, are decent and genuine. We are fascinated by the downfall of celebrities and people in high places. Anonymous 7 April at I was thinking about what would I do if I was one and not make him enjoy that.

That's all a scumbag like this deserves. Hot white girls getting naked. Where a double act, we like to lick Jos flaps. I do however find it very difficult to watch all the features of the DVD and still skip over any shots containing those AEG horrors and their hypocracy!! I completely understand the fans and bandmembers turn against him, they must be in shock. Whats that I hear?

However, the media has operated the same in both cases, distorting details and focusing on only the most salacious angles in order to generate headlines. Watkins pleaded guilty in November to at least 13 child sexual assault offenses — including two counts of trying to rape a baby.

Ian, just give it up! Posted by everyone 3 yrs ago ians friends with lot of girls, so why dont she just say that to people when they ask instead of being sarcastic,because she wants people to think their togehter,if thier just friends why did she say he was her bf, like whos jealous of her. I think some where getting worried, I presumed you had taken a break, or where onto something big and had to lay low Posted by so 3 yrs ago whos is ian latest gf is it sam or ruby.

Posted by hi Ian 2 yrs ago Cool story.

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